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Why is it called an energy-saving water dispenser?

Why is it called an energy-saving water dispenser? How to choose a school water dispenser?
1. Why is it called an energy-saving water dispenser?
According to the principle of heat exchange, it saves 80% of electricity.
2. Where is the energy-saving water dispenser suitable for?
As long as the water supply is concentrated in places, energy-saving water dispensers can be seen, such as teaching buildings, airports, factories, etc. The common water dispensers are factory water dispensers, school water dispensers, and so on.
3. What is the energy-saving principle of the energy-saving water dispenser?
The tap water absorbs the heat released by the boiling water through the exchanger and enters the hot water tank. The water temperature reaches 85 degrees. At this time, as long as the water is heated to 15 degrees, it can be boiled. As for ordinary water heaters, if you need to heat tap water to 80 degrees, you can see that energy-saving water dispensers save more than 80% energy compared with traditional water dispensers.

4. Can the warm water from the factory water dispenser and school water dispenser be drunk directly?
The warm water passes through the heat exchanger, and the boiling water is directly cooled down. It is not raw water, it is real warm water, and you can drink it with confidence.
5. What are the advantages of energy-saving drinking fountains?
Safe, no water comes out when the water is not boiled, the warm water is boiled and then cooled by the exchanger, and the drinking food is safe. Save time and electricity, you can drink warm water anytime without waiting for it to cool down, saving 80% of electricity compared to traditional boiling water dispensers. No secondary pollution, using 304 food grade stainless steel and corrugated pipes, all production lines are closed. Easy to use, open the faucet will flow out warm water or boiled water, no need for special personnel to manage. Beautiful and sturdy, all stainless steel shell, using outer capsule foaming technology, good thermal insulation effect.
6. How do consumers choose high-quality school water dispensers or factory water dispensers?
It depends on whether it is a pressure type or a zero-pressure type: a pressure-type water dispenser is prone to explosion and is unsafe; a zero-pressure energy-saving water dispenser is not so prone to explosion, and has multiple information security and environmental protection.
Look at the size of the water tank: a large water tank can store more water and produce more water; on the contrary, a small water tank produces less water.
Check whether the back plate and bottom plate of the system energy-saving control water dispenser are made of aluminum-plastic plate or stainless steel plate: the material of stainless steel product is strong and we are stable; the material of aluminum-plastic plate is easy to become brittle, discolored and does not need to be strong.

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