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What material is good for the water dispenser?

Nowadays, basically every household will have a water dispenser installed to facilitate daily drinking water. What material is good for the water dispenser?
The material of the water dispenser can be made of PE material, which is stable and difficult to decompose toxic substances at a fixed temperature, also known as food-grade plastic. Food-grade plastic is produced under purification conditions, and the plastic itself is required to be non-toxic. However, there are currently only two types on the market: a plastic case and a water dispenser made of stainless steel.
Among them, semiconductor refrigeration/heating is mainly made of plastic shell, which is timid, has low heating power and small water output, and is generally suitable for hotel rooms and general families with a small number of people.

Most of the water dispenser steel products are cooled by compressors, which have large heating power and large water output. Such as group companies, institutions, schools, factories, hospitals, bars, station halls, etc.

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