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What is the water making principle of the soda water machine/sparkling water machine?

Bubble water is actually saturated carbonated water rich in minerals. It is naturally formed by the extrusion of ice cubes in the permafrost layer. The production of artificial bubble water is to use a bubble water machine to simulate the formation conditions of natural gas bubble water. The pressurization method instantly pressurizes the carbon dioxide gas into the water, so that the carbon dioxide reaches the saturation level in the water. Although the production principle of artificial sparkling water is not complicated, the process is very precise. The integrated application of fluid dynamics, materials science and precise mathematical operations in the entire process design belongs to the artificial replication and restoration of natural phenomena.
Although consumers can use the sparkling water machine to make sparkling water manually, there is still a big difference between the generated water and the natural gas bubble water, because the natural gas bubble water is generated under the action of the natural environment, which belongs to the mineral carbonated water, and the artificial Sparkling water can be either mineral carbonated water or regular carbonated water.

The essential difference between sparkling water and soda water lies in the different formation methods. Sparkling water is made by physical means, while soda water is directly dissolved baking soda in water to form a sodium bicarbonate solution, and soda water is more than sparkling water. Lots of sodium ions, less pure than sparkling water.
At present, the introduction of the function of sparkling water mainly includes "blocking the absorption of sugar and fat" (weight loss effect), "eliminating constipation", "neutralizing acidic substances", "cooling off heat", etc., but it does not mean that under any circumstances Sparkling water will do the same. For example, sparkling water, like soda water, is weakly alkaline, which can neutralize the acidity in the human body and make the human body tend to acid-base balance, but only if the intake of acidic food exceeds the standard, otherwise too much bubbles are ingested. Water can also cause acid-base imbalance due to excessive intake of alkaline substances. Even so, because sparkling water is mainly composed of water and carbon dioxide, it is still healthier than carbonated drinks due to the absence of food coloring, additives and other substances.