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What can a direct drinking machine do

Facts have proved that tap water cannot be directly drunk, and tap water contains impurities that are harmful to the human body, including rust, bacteria, residual chlorine, heavy metals and other substances from aging tap water pipes. Boiling it can only kill bacteria, but it cannot remove other impurities, so it is not suitable for long-term drinking.
How to filter out the impurities in these waters? Direct drinking fountains, also known as water purifiers, are generally used in the market. Although the water treated by the direct drinking fountains is no different from the original water on the surface, the water quality has been significantly improved. Change, the working principle of the direct drinking water machine made by the direct drinking machine manufacturer is to purify the water layer by layer through various filter elements to achieve the purpose of removing impurities.
The filter element of the direct drinking water machine mainly includes granular activated carbon filter element, reverse osmosis filter element and post-installed activated carbon filter. Calcium, magnesium and other metal ions and radioactive substances in the water can completely purify and soften the water.
The purification effect of the filter element with poor material is very general. Moreover, the more filtering levels of the water dispenser, the finer the filtration. The water purification effect of the water dispenser depends on the quality of the water dispenser itself.