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Water boilers are classified by function

Commercial electric water heaters are suitable for various public commercial occasions, such as airports, stations, campuses, hospitals, chain milk tea and restaurants, restaurants, hotels, companies, factories, government agencies, etc. The characteristics of the water boiler are: the flow of people is large and the demand for boiling water is large, so the water supply capacity of the water boiler is higher; secondly, it is used almost 24 hours a day, so the quality stability of the water boiler is very high. If the water is cut off due to a sudden failure, it will bring great inconvenience to the user.
Commercial electric water heaters are larger in size, with a capacity of more than 15 liters. The power of commercial water boilers is relatively large, generally above 3KW, up to 21KW. But too much electricity requires higher distribution facilities. Due to the high power of commercial electric water heaters and the deepening of the concept of energy saving in today's society, whether it is from reducing the cost of use or energy saving and environmental protection, the energy consumption of the water heater needs to be paid attention to.
Household electric water boilers are generally used in home kitchens, and can be placed under the kitchen dishes or hung on the cabinet wall. Compared with commercial electric water boilers, household electric water boilers are smaller in size, and tap water or pure water is used as the water source, which is convenient to take boiled water at any time. Boiled water can be used for soda water dispenser drinking, cooking, soup, hot dishes, tableware and baby products disinfection. The power of household electric water heaters is generally between 800w-1500w, which can be tolerated by ordinary household circuits.
The campus electric water heater is designed for the habit of campus students and employees to use boiling water. This water boiler has its own steam heat recovery and hexahedral thermal insulation technology. It is boiled at 100 degrees, and the box does not emit steam and is not hot, which is suitable for campus use. The big advantage of using the middle filter to filter the campus electric water heater is that it can provide drinking and drinking water for teachers and students. Many parents generally reflect that their children just don’t like drinking water, and prefer to drink beverages with gas, sweet and sour tastes. It should be emphasized that drinking beverages cannot replace drinking water. These sweet and sour drinks are not only easy to cause students to become anorexia and water, but also cause nutritional deficiency and acidic constitution of students in the long run. In contrast, campus electric water boilers can not only provide clean and healthy drinking water, but also save energy and resources. It is a good choice for the campus, and it is also the choice for the campus direct drinking water project.