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Troubleshooting and Solutions of Water Dispenser

Do you know how to maintain a water purifier? What are the common faults of water purifiers, and how to repair these faults? There are many repair methods for water purifiers on the Internet, but the information is incomplete. In order to let children's shoes know the maintenance steps of water purifiers, I made a small editor to summarize five maintenance methods of household water purifiers.
1.PE pipe, the small one is connected with the long moss.
(1) The water purifier has been used for a long time, and no problems have been found. When cleaning, it is found that the connection of the water purifier is small, and the connected pipes are prone to moss.
(2) It may be that the PE pipe is too long, directly exposed to the sun, and the casing is not installed.
Maintenance method:
(1) The inlet water temperature of the water purifier is 5-40°C, and the water purifier cannot be installed outdoors.
(2) PE pipes connected with small communication should not be exposed to sunlight. If piping needs to be connected outdoors, the piping should be installed in PVC casing. When the water purifier needs to be installed outdoors, it must have a roof that blocks sunlight and rain.
(3) PE pipes are not easy to connect too long. If the water source is too far from the water supply point, you can connect the water source to the water supply point with PPR pipe or UPVC pipe, and then install the water purifier.
2. The effluent from the new machine has a peculiar smell.
(1) After the water purifier is installed, the first thing to do is to clean the water purifier, mainly to ensure the normal use in the later period. If the washing order is wrong, there will be many problems, especially affecting the taste of pure water.
(2) For the water purifier with ultrafiltration membrane, if the cleaning sequence is wrong, the protective liquid in the ultrafiltration membrane will enter the rear activated carbon filter element, and the protective liquid will affect the activated carbon filter element, resulting in a bad taste of the water from the new machine.
(3) Food-grade hoses need to be installed at the water outlet of the water purifier. If the material of the hose installed at the outlet of the water purifier is not qualified, the rubber smell of the hose itself will change the taste of the water, and it will also cause the taste of drinking water to deteriorate.

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