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The principle of direct drinking machine

The countertop water dispenser applies a certain pressure to the raw water, so that the water molecules and ionic mineral elements pass through the reverse osmosis membrane (the pore size of the reverse osmosis membrane is only 0.0001 micron, while the diameter of bacteria and viruses is generally 0.02-1 micron), thereby dissolving the dissolved water in the water. Harmful substances (such as heavy metals, bacteria and viruses) are intercepted and removed to achieve the purpose of purifying drinking water. The direct water dispenser is very convenient to use: as long as the direct water dispenser is connected to the tap water pipe network, healthy and safe drinking water can be continuously produced.
After the water is boiled for the first time, the tap water enters the pipe of the water dispenser and passes through the filter element. The filtered water passes through a double-layer heat exchanger, and the cold and hot water are contacted through pipes. The cold water absorbs the thermal energy of the boiling water, and then the cold water heats up. Before entering the heating state, the water temperature has reached about 85 degrees. After the boiled water passes through the heat energy exchanger, the heat energy is transferred to the cold water, and after cooling, it becomes warm water, which can be drunk after it comes out of the warm water faucet. The tap water exchanged for heat energy has reached a fairly high temperature before entering and adding, and it can be boiled into boiling water with only a little heating.
Tap water → PP filter element → activated carbon + KDF → heat exchanger outer tube preheating → electric water heater heating → heat exchanger inner tube cooling → warm water.
Compared with the traditional way, the direct water dispenser has the following advantages:
1. Save money: adopt heat exchange technology, save more than 80% of electric energy than water heaters, and save the money of one or even several machines a year. 200 people can save 10,000 yuan a year by drinking warm water, which is 80% less than bottled water.
2. Purification: Ultrafiltration filtration and activated carbon filtration technology are used to remove all bacteria, viruses and some toxins, and meet drinking water hygiene standards;
3. Direct drinking: ensure that drinking water (including warm water) is boiled water, you can drink it directly;
4. Fast: put on the boiled water of ≥95℃ and warm boiled water of 30~45℃, and drink "cool white water" directly without cooling.