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Teach you to identify the type of water purifier

How to choose a suitable water purifier requires everyone to have a good understanding of the types of functions of the water purifier; Xiaobian will share with you the common classifications of water purifiers on the market:
1. Pre-filter
Pre-filter, also known as primary pre-processor; common types of such water purifiers include PP cotton filter, activated carbon filter, and filter with stainless steel mesh inside; the filtration accuracy of pre-filter is generally 5 microns to 50 microns between; mainly to filter the large particles in the water that can be seen by the naked eye, such as rust, sediment, colloid, etc.;
2. Ultrafiltration water purifier
Ultrafiltration water purifiers, as the name suggests, are mainly water purifiers that use ultrafiltration membranes as the core filter material; the densely covered micropores on the surface of ultrafiltration membranes perform physical screening to filter out impurities such as rust, particles, and colloids in the water, and maintain the pH value of the effluent. unchanged, while retaining the dissolved oxygen in the water and trace minerals needed by the human body; the ultrafiltration membrane water purifier provides drinking water that meets drinking standards;

3. RO water purifier
It mainly uses reverse osmosis membrane as the core filter material, and the filtration precision is as high as 0.1 nanometer; it is the model with higher precision in all water purifier filtration; the water filtered by this type of machine is generally defined as pure water, so it is called pure water machine; any The pure water machine needs a booster pump to drive the work and needs to be powered on. The quality of the water purifier mainly depends on all the membranes of the model itself and the quality of the filter element; currently on the market reverse osmosis membranes, Dow membranes, Fonotech, South Korea's Sehan membranes, etc.; good membranes can be used for the machine normally Use 2-3 years.
Four, double membrane double water machine
Trending products in the current water purifier industry. This type of product combines the ultrafiltration water purifier and the RO water purifier, one machine with two membranes and two water outlets. In layman's terms, a machine can produce both ultra-filtered mineral water and pure water; for a family member who has inconsistent drinking habits, the double-membrane double-water machine can meet their needs. The double membrane double water machine has many functional advantages, but the cost is not low.
5. Water softener
Due to the limitation of its function, the water softener is mainly used in areas with hard water quality in the north. It mainly relies on softening resin as a medium to separate calcium and magnesium ions in the water to achieve the purpose of reducing water hardness; it is currently used in beauty salons, or installed in The front of the home water heater softens the water to protect and prolong the service life of the water heater;