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Talk about the necessity of cleaning the water dispenser equipment

The water dispenser equipment is usually the neck of the bottled water is inverted and placed on the "smart seat" of the water dispenser, and then the water is introduced into two water tanks by the hose in the machine, one of which is a hot water tank and the other is a water tank. In addition to the function of producing cold and hot water, these two water tanks can also play the role of precipitating impurities in the water. So what's the point of cleaning it? The following water dispenser manufacturers will explain to you:

1. People usually replace the bottled water repeatedly, but they ignore that there is still a certain amount of water in the inner tank of the water dispenser equipment. This water will hide disease-causing bacteria. Over time, it will naturally become a breeding ground for bacteria. There are many misunderstandings among consumers. The water dispenser itself is a water purification device, and the bottled mineral water is clean. Even if the water dispenser is not regularly cleaned and disinfected, there will be no problem, so various kinds of water will appear in the water. of foreign bodies.
2. Precautions: After the water dispenser equipment is cleaned, if the washing is not clean enough, there may be citric acid remaining in the inner tank of the water dispenser, and the water will feel sour when drinking water. But it will not affect your health. If you don't like the sour taste, rinse it several times, or put more water, and it will be removed. This citric acid is food grade and will not cause harm to the human body if eaten in moderation.
3. The water dispenser equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. The current common method is to clean it with disinfectant, and then rinse the water dispenser with clean bottled water until the residue of the disinfectant is washed.
4. If the water dispenser equipment is not cleaned for more than 3 months, a large number of bacteria and harmful substances will cause digestive, nervous, urinary and hematopoietic system diseases after entering the human body! Water dispenser is an indispensable small electrical appliance in daily life, but according to one A survey shows that many common gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea and vomiting are caused by not cleaning the water dispenser for a long time.
5. Use the water dispenser equipment to decompose the scale inside the hot water tank, and then use the built-in high-pressure circulating water pump to connect the cold and hot water tanks of the water dispenser with pipes to form a closed circulation pipeline. The water tank and internal pipes are flushed, and the dissolved scale and internal impurities are washed out with the water flow. At the same time, the ozone sterilization and ultraviolet sterilization systems are turned on, so that the circulating water is integrated into the ozone disinfection and the circulating water return water system is continuously sterilized by ultraviolet irradiation.