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Points to note when buying a direct drink machine

The product quality of commercial water heaters is directly related to consumers' human health and personal and property safety. Therefore, experts recommend that consumers pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing a direct drinking machine:
1. Checking the product nameplate, various signs and instructions is an important aspect of identifying product quality. The nameplate should indicate rated voltage, rated frequency, rated input power, power supply type, brand, product name and address, etc. Warning signs that are easy to remove by hand, such as self-adhesive nameplates, are easy to become blurred and fall off after long-term use, which affects the correct operation and use of the product, which does not meet the requirements of national standards.water dispenser manufacturers
In addition, you should also carefully review the product instruction manual. If you find that the words are rough, the meaning is unclear, the sentences are not smooth, and there are many typos. This may be a fake and shoddy product.
2. Determine the quality of electrical components or whether key components in the product are missing, such as water shortage power-off devices, over-temperature protection devices, etc. It requires certain electrical knowledge and standard knowledge, which is difficult for ordinary users to make judgments. Therefore, experts recommend purchasing products that have passed CQC certification or have passed the inspection of professional quality inspection cold water dispenser
3. The inner tank of the water boiler should be made of food-grade stainless steel as much as possible, and the stainless steel should not be less than 304 type (1 chrome, 18 nickel, 9 titanium) to ensure that the inner tank is not easy to corrode.
4. Equipment such as filters can be installed at the connection between the water boiler and the water pipe to improve the quality of drinking water.
5. Do not use the float switch water heater.soda water dispenser
6. Fully automatic water heaters are generally installed in hot and humid environments such as kitchens, boiler rooms, water rooms, and pantries. , and are usually unattended day and night. Therefore, attention should be paid to meeting the basic installation environment requirements and strengthening inspection and maintenance.