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How to deal with water dispenser equipment failures and solutions

Do you know the maintenance methods of water purifiers, what are the common faults of water purifiers, and what are the maintenance methods for these faults? There are a lot of water purifier maintenance methods on the Internet, but the information is incomplete. In order to let friends know about water purifier products Maintenance steps, Xiaobian summarizes several major methods of household water purifier maintenance, I hope you like it.
1.PE pipe, small connected to grow moss.
       (1) When using the water purifier for a long time, no problem is found. When cleaning and cleaning, it is found that the water purifier is connected with a small connection, and moss is more likely to grow in the connected pipeline.
       (2) It may be that the line of the PE pipe is too long, directly exposed to the sun, and there is no casing installed.
Maintenance method:
       (1) The inlet water temperature of the water purifier is 5-40 °C, and the water purifier cannot be installed outdoors.
       (2) The PE pipes connected with small connections should not be exposed to the sun. If you need to connect the pipes outdoors, you need to install the pipes in the PVC casing. When the water purifier needs to be installed outdoors, you must have sunshade to protect from the rain. 's ceiling.
       (3) The PE pipeline is not easy to connect too long. If the water source is too far away from the water supply point, you can use PPR pipe or UPVC pipe to connect the water source to the water supply point, and then install the water purifier.

2. The water from the new machine has a peculiar smell.
       (1) After the water purifier is installed, it is necessary to rinse the water purifier first, mainly to ensure the normal use in the later period. If the flushing sequence is wrong, there will be many problems, especially the taste of water purification.
       (2) For a water purifier with a filter membrane, if the flushing sequence is wrong, the protective liquid in the filter membrane will enter the rear activated carbon filter element.
       (3) The water outlet of the water purifier requires the installation of food-grade hoses. If the material of the hose installed at the water outlet of the water purifier is not qualified, the rubber smell of the hose itself will change the taste of the water, and it will also lead to drinking water. Bad taste.
Maintenance method:
       (1) After the installation of the water purifier is completed, rinse the water purifier correctly and instruct the user how to use it correctly.
       (2) When installing the water purifier, be sure to choose food-grade hoses to avoid unnecessary troubles in use and increase life troubles.