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How to clean the water dispenser?

1. Unplug the power cord of the water dispenser first, safety first;
2. Remove the bottled water on the water dispenser;
3. Mix edible white vinegar and tap water at a ratio of 1:10, prepare a cleaning solution, about 10 liters (if you want to clean it, add more);
4. Open the drainage hole located in the middle of the water dispenser. Generally, there is a plastic cover, and a latex plug inside is pulled out. The outflowing water is caught with a basin until it dries up;
5. Re-plug the latex plug, and slowly pour the prepared cleaning solution from the smart seat on the upper part of the water dispenser until it is full;

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6. Wait for about five minutes, pull out the latex plug, connect the outflowing water with a container, and re-tighten the latex plug after the water runs out;
7. The above cleaning can be performed again;
8. Repeat the above method twice with clean water to complete the cleaning of the water storage tank inside the water dispenser;
9. Then use white vinegar to clean the smart seat of the water dispenser, the two water outlets, the water receiving table and the dust outside the water dispenser;
10. Wipe it again with clean water to complete the cleaning of the water dispenser;