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How to choose a desktop water dispenser?

Choose a style
There are two types of water dispensers: desktop and vertical. You need to choose the style that suits your home or company. There are no hard and fast rules for this, it depends on your own use and preferences.
select mode
Today's water dispensers have several models. Of course, the basic model contains three types, one is hot water, one is cold water, and the other is warm water. Therefore, you can choose the mode. Of course, the basic mode of the water dispenser is to contain hot and cold water.
choose size
Water dispensers are of different sizes. And when we put bottled water, we must also choose well, whether you want to use small barrels or large barrels. It is also necessary to consider the placement of the home and the coordination with the home.
Choose a suit
The general water dispenser is white, but there are other colors. In fact, white also depends on whether it is consistent with the style of your overall home. If it is inconsistent, it is better to buy other colors that are consistent with the style of your home.

material process
Different processing materials of the water dispenser, or different processing techniques, will lead to differences in the quality and service life of the water dispenser. Therefore, when choosing, be optimistic about the material and processing technology of the water dispenser. The imported ones are good, but the warranty is difficult.
bactericidal effect
It is important to see if the water dispenser has a sterilizing effect. If the water dispenser does not have a good sterilization effect, then the secondary pollution caused by it is very serious.
Price positioning
According to the individual's economic ability, choose a water dispenser that is within the range that you can afford. Of course, a one-time investment is better. Personally, I would recommend buying a higher price.
After-sales service
When choosing a water dispenser, choose a good after-sales service. If you choose a bad manufacturer, it will be troublesome to replace the parts when there is a problem.