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How should the water dispenser be selected?

1. First of all, we must identify the brand of the product to ensure product quality and safety performance. Some large companies with good reputation can be the first choice.
2. Secondly, the choice of type can be considered. The water dispensers on the market have developed towards intelligence, personalization, environmental protection and diversification. Everyone can take what they need according to their own needs. If you only use it for making tea and coffee, you can buy a warm type. If you need ice water, there are ice and hot water dispensers, as well as ice and warm three-purpose machines.
3. In terms of price, the warm type is the cheapest, the desktop is nearly half cheaper than the vertical type, and the ice-heat type is relatively more expensive. The compressor-cooled water dispenser is 2-3 times more expensive than the semiconductor-cooled water dispenser. However, under the same cooling time, the cooling speed of the compressor-cooled water dispenser is much faster than that of the semiconductor-cooled water dispenser, so the supply of ice water is relatively large. There are also small and mini water dispensers on the market, which are suitable for families of three and single dormitories, ensuring the freshness of the water source.

4. When selecting a water dispenser, in terms of appearance, there should be no scratches, burrs, deformation, etc., whether the trademark, manufacturer, model, rated voltage, rated power, etc. on the nameplate are all available, and whether the appliance shell is complete. Fragile as it is subjected to the pressure of 20kg of water.
5. After installing the bottled water, there should be no dripping from the faucet. Secondly, there should be no water leakage in the machine. Press the faucet, and the water should flow smoothly. Use, wait a few seconds for the water to come out, then turn on the power, and try it to see if the switch performance is good, and the indicator light changes accordingly. Under normal circumstances, the heating speed is relatively fast, which takes about 15 minutes, while the cooling speed is slow, and the water dispenser with compressor cooling needs 2 hours to have ice water.