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Factors to Consider When Buying a Water Boiler

Water boilers are known to filter and purify water. The filtered water can be directly consumed without worrying about the health of the water. Of course, there are occasions where you do not need to install a water boiler, or you need to choose a water boiler with different degrees of cold water dispenser
Situation: Before you plan to install a water boiler, you should know the water quality of your home or unit.
How to test water quality: You can drink a glass of water from a glass. If the naked eye can directly see the suspended matter or sediment in the water, it means that the sediment exceeds the standard and is harmful to health. Another tap water can smell bleach, indicating excess chlorine in the water. I often boil water at home and find that if there is a layer of yellow dirt on the inner wall of the kettle, the hardness of the water is too high. Regularly drinking such water is likely to suffer from gallstones and easily get sick.
If the above situation occurs, it is necessary to install a water heater. The installation of straight drinking machines can effectively prevent poor water quality from affecting human health.
Case 2: When buying a water boiler, check the filter element of the direct drinking machine.
The effectiveness of water purification directly depends on the quality of the filter element of the drinking machine. According to the filtration precision, the direct drinking machine can be simply divided into microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. Generally speaking, the filter element of the direct drinking machine can only isolate sediment, residual chlorine, rust, virus, bacteria and so on. In water, but cannot remove pesticide residues and heavy metal ions.Pipeline-Wasserspender
RO direct drinking machine is a very popular water purification technology. RO reverse osmosis filter membrane can isolate more than 98% of pollutants, pesticide residues, heavy metal ions, colloids, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances in water.
Situation: Choose a water boiler according to the needs of use.
For example, washing rice, washing vegetables, and washing dishes are used as kitchen water. It is recommended that a water purifier is more suitable, but it should be noted that this purified water cannot be used as direct drinking water. If it is used to drink water, you can use a high-precision filter straight drinking machine, which is small in size and easy to install, and the water can be drunk directly.pipeline water dispenser