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Drink plenty of water to prevent heat stroke during dog days

Dogs need to drink plenty of water to prevent heatstroke! Dogs are the hottest, humid and sultry days of the year. During the dog days, the Yusheng energy-saving water dispenser warmly reminds you that you need to drink more water to prevent heatstroke in the dog days.

In dog days, the weather is hotter than usual. In a high temperature environment, dehydration, overwork, mental stress and other factors can affect the self-regulation of body temperature. When the air humidity is high, it will prevent the normal evaporation of sweat, thereby preventing the body from quickly releasing heat. When a person's body temperature rises rapidly, the excessively high body temperature may damage the brain and other vital organs, causing symptoms of heat stroke.

How to prevent the occurrence of heat stroke? The Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention pointed out that it is necessary to drink a lot of water, and pay attention to supplementing salt and minerals; light diet, pay attention to supplementing protein, vitamins and calcium, and ensure adequate sleep; outdoor should choose light, loose and light-colored clothing, pay attention to sun protection , To cool down, wear a sun hat with a wide brim, sunglasses, and apply sunscreen; when going out, avoid direct sunlight. If symptoms of heatstroke occur, immediately stop activities and go to a cool place to rest; carry heatstroke prevention and cooling medicines, such as Huoxiang Zhengqi Pills and Rendan , Ten drops of water, Fengyoujing, etc.

Remember to drink plenty of water on dog days! Don't drink water until you are thirsty. This is not good for your health. Although it is hot in the dog days, don't drink too much ice water!