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Choose a water boiler or a direct water dispenser

Customize the campus drinking water plan! Choose a water boiler or a straight water dispenser?
Water is the source of life. An adult needs about 1500ml of drinking water a day, so the importance of water quality is self-evident!
Young people are strong and strong! As hope, young people should pay more attention to drinking water!
So for the campus, is it a direct drinking fountain or a water boiler?
First, we need to investigate the local water quality. If the local water quality is good, it is recommended to buy a stepping water boiler; if the water quality is not very good, you can choose a direct water dispenser!
The straight drinking machine has multiple filtering functions, which can filter out various impurities, bacteria and large particles in the water to ensure the water quality!
The step-by-step water boiler can satisfy many people drinking water at the same time, without producing thousands of boiled water and yin and yang water! It can also ensure the health of water quality.
The difference between stepped hot water boiler and traditional hot water boiler
The traditional water boiler adopts the floating ball heating technology, which needs to boil the whole tank of water every time, which is time-consuming and energy-consuming! And there is only one water tank, which produces thousands of boiled water and yin and yang water. Long-term drinking is not good for the body.
The step-by-step water boiler adopts the layered heating technology to make water at the bottom, thus eliminating thousands of boiling water and yin and yang water from the root! Due to the use of layer-by-layer heating technology, the heating speed is fast, and boiling water can be continuously supplied!
The difference between direct drinking machine and traditional drinking machine
The traditional water dispenser is used in combination with bottled water, but the problems of thousands of boiling water and yin and yang water still cannot be solved. Bottled water should be used up within a week after opening, otherwise it will breed a lot of bacteria! In addition, it is easy to cause pollution during transportation, and the water quality cannot be guaranteed.
The direct drinking machine has multiple filtering functions, and the water flowing from the direct drinking machine, whether it is boiling water or cold water, can be directly consumed to ensure the safety and hygiene of the water.

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