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Can cold water and hot water be mixed together in a water heater?

At present, there are many water boilers on the market that can not only produce hot water, but also cold water. Many people will have such a question: Can cold water and hot water be mixed in the water boiler?
Generally, people who have such doubts actually think: Is drinking cold water and hot water together in a water heater harmful to the body? This question is very similar to an article we wrote before, drinking yin and yang water is harmful to our body ? In this article, will also be answered.
If the cold water mentioned in the title refers to water with a lower temperature. Then: cold water + boiling water = warm water, of course, how warm the warm water is depends on how cold the cold water is and what the ratio is between the cold water and the boiling water.

As for whether to drink or not. It depends on the water quality of the cold water. As long as the water quality is clean, there is no problem in drinking it. If it is water of unknown origin, it is not recommended to drink.
Regarding the so-called cold water and boiled water in the folk, one is cold and one hot is added together, it is Yin and Yang water, and it is not drinkable... Let me ask you, have you ever eaten flame ice cream?
So, to put it simply, clean cold water and hot water can be mixed to drink, this is completely without any problem, and there is no harm to health, but unclean cold water is not suitable.
For the current water boiler, it generally has a filtering function, and the filtered cold water can be mixed with hot water.